Automatic Checkout Area

Improve Efficiency

Ensure higher output rate from your employees with less effort. Allow employees to focus on in-store tasks while our system keeps an eye on the important things. Easily switch between serving at the cashier and doing trimming at the shelves. No inactive employees anymore.

Better Working Environment

Reduce stress by simplify tasks given. No need to worry about doing your job and having an eye on the checkout, we got you covered. Automate the frustrating things and improve the working environment while getting higher service levels.

Reduce Theft

Sneaking away through unmanned checkout with arms full of unpaid goods. The system reduces theft by notifying every time when people are around checkout. No sneaking anymore.



We are aware of the possible security threats or attacks, and that is why we have setup a sophisticated security system. Equipped with the latest antivirus protection, it can shield against any virus, spyware or malware. An enhanced firewall blocks hackers from misusing the system. Getting access to the system requires an advanced authentication key pair, which encrypts the passphrase for login. This 4096-bit cryptographic key offers high security levels and makes it very difficult to brute-force.



Concied started as a student project at university and revolved into a startup shortly after. Since Laust and Nicklas founded it in 2014, the system has been under development through several projects, optimizing it to a perfect state.


Technology and Innovation

The driving forces for developing Concied is the interest for technology, innovation and in how to combine these in order to build useful and successful products.

Our vision lies within building the future retail store. Through technology, we want to revolutionize the retail industry by providing unique solutions to automate, optimize and assist stores to become better.

Nicklas Simonsen
Nicklas Simonsen


Laust Thomsen
Laust Thomsen



Complete Service Support

We offer a service-package that helps you run the system with minimum effort and highest performance.


Included is professional installation to ensure the correct setup and optimized usage of the system.


We take pride in our system and its build quality, and that is why we can guarantee a long product life for you.


If the unfortunate happens, we are ready to assist you. We offer phone support and physical mechanical service.


The system needs regular updates to make sure that it runs smoothly and have the newest security patches.